Voice by Terri Tully


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If you're looking for a very natural, very real sound to introduce or promote your product or service, please take a moment to listen to my demo. Clients tell me I'm very comforting and approachable sounding ... and very good!

It's a personal challenge to create a relationship with every script I record. May I provide you with an example?

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Voice Age Range/Roles: Childlike, young adult, young mom, professional woman, middle age


"Terri Tully is the voice of good clean living! If Mother Nature herself were to speak, she would sound like Terri Tully. Terri provides a quiet strength and sincerity to every project she records - and yet she has a very playful and childlike side too. Terri is perfect for all natural products and thought provoking narrations. She is trustworthy in her delivery and in her business. Terri is the real deal! "
Moneen Daley Harte
Voice Actor/Voiceover coach 


I’ve worked with Terri Tully on some narration texts and loved her sound. It’s natural, like a real person talking to you. This is a refreshing alternative to the technique-y sound I often hear, a breath of fresh air to a jaded public. Terri is also a stickler for detail, so she makes sure every aspect of your voiceover project is correct before she sends it to you. Lovely and professional to work with.
Rich Jones
Producer: STOP Radio Network
Host, "Thinking with Somebody Else’s Head"

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